About Me

My love for art started at a young age. If anyone asked me what my favorite subject was in school, without thinking about it, I always said ?art?. If I wasn?t in art class, I was always doodling on anything that I could find. I remember to this day, two of my favorite art teachers in high school telling me that I have a gift and they couldn?t wait to see what I did with it in the future.

I always had an interest in tattooing. I remember telling the people closest to me that it was my dream job, but at the time I really didn?t know how to go about it and was always told, ?there?s no money in art?. I figured since culinary played a big part in my life, I would go that route and study baking and pastry and still have some art involved. I?ve been in the culinary industry for 15 years, and I enjoyed it, but tattooing was still something that I was always thinking about. 

I remember the moment I realized that culinary wasn?t it for me anymore. It was fun and I met and worked with some great people, but it just wasn?t where I wanted to be anymore. Right from the culinary industry I landed a job in corporate. I met and worked with some of the greatest people there too but, I quickly found out that this wasn?t it for me either. 

At one point, I really thought about it. I am a big believer that things happen for a reason and when the timing is right, it will happen. I have had a lot of opportunities that I am very thankful for, but it ended up not working out in the end and I took it as a sign and I followed my heart. With some encouragement from my family and best friends, I put myself and art out there. 

I am finally making my dream a reality and I am so happy to be here.

Ready to get inked?

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