Ever since I can remember I have found myself amongst the art world. As an antisocial toddler, my mom would always find me either curled up with a book, or lost in my own little world of crayons and intricate patterns. From there she has always been my biggest supporter in making sure I had the access to express myself. For most of my life, I found sanctuary in art classes on High Street, Pottstown, PA.  Miss Erika’s classes were my home away from home, and I would not be the same person or artist today without her. Being someone that has always struggled with my own neurodivergence and need for “perfection,” over the years, I was able to tap into myself in those classes, and really just be. I found peace exploring all mediums of art. It allowed me to find myself amongst the art and to express myself fully even when words were failing me.

Even with tattooing, I struggle to stick with one style, I love so many! I mainly enjoy all black and grey, realism, my own tattoo flash, or colorful traditional styled tattoos. However, I tattoo simple linework and fine-line styles as well. I also love to bring my spiritual workings into tattooing, for example by offering intuitive sigil tattoos to those that are interested. Together we will work as a team to dream up your perfect tattoo!

As a professional tattooer and body piercer, it is always my goal to give my clients and community 100%! I take pride in doing what is most safe and effective for you, the client. Old-school tattooer “bullying,” is a thing of the past, and the clients in my chair should always feel safe, heard, and respected. It is very important to me to provide exceptional service, and information as well. If you ever have any questions/concerns about a tattoo or piercing please do not hesitate to ask! 

$150/Hourly Rate

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