VIP Home Tattoo Session


🌟 Exclusive VIP Tattoo Session – Unleash Luxury at Your Doorstep! 🌟

Experience the epitome of tattooing with our VIP Tattoo Session, right in the comfort of your own home. Elevate your ink game as we bring the studio to you, creating an unparalleled experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Luxury Brought to Your Doorstep:

  • Personal Consultation with Our Master Tattoo Artist Mike Brown: Your home transforms into a private studio as our artist collaborates with you in a personal consultation.
  • Private Residence Retreat: Immerse yourself in the luxury of your own space, free from distractions, where creativity knows no bounds.
  • Exquisite Custom Design Tailored Exclusively for You: Your VIP status ensures a bespoke design, meticulously crafted to suit your individual style and desires.
  • Top-of-the-Line Equipment and Premium Inks Brought to You: We bring the studio to your doorstep, equipped with the finest tools and inks in the tattoo industry.
  • A Full day of Tattooing- 8 hours of tattooing (or less if the piece doesn’t take as long or the session gets called before the 8 hours)

🎁 VIP Perks – Elevate Your Home Tattoo Experience:

  • Complimentary Deluxe At-Home Aftercare Kit: Ensure your tattoo remains a radiant masterpiece with our exclusive aftercare products.
  • Priority Booking for Future At-Home Sessions: Enjoy the privilege of priority booking for all your future in-home tattoo experiences.
  • Exclusively Designed Limited Edition At-Home Merchandise: We bring you merchandise created exclusively for our VIP in-home clients.

📅 Limited Availability – Bring VIP Luxury to Your Home, Book Now!

This VIP Tattoo Session brings the opulence of the studio to your doorstep, offering a truly exclusive and intimate tattoo experience in the comfort of your own home.

***MUST be 18 or over***

Your first name, please.

Your Last Name, please.

Your best phone number.

Address *

Your best email address.


Your Availability

Example (left arm, left leg, right side of your neck, front of thigh, back of calf)

Where on your body/what part of your body?

Any detail ..Example-(Inside wrist OR outside wrist OR all of the way around the wrist) The more we know, the better we can put this piece together for you.

In inches, if possible, or relative to some known object, maybe.

If multiple people plan on getting tattooed together, each person needs to submit their own booking form. Please list the names of who is also getting tattooed that you’re coming with. We’ll put you all in the same time slot! (again, everyone needs to submit their own booking form)

Share the details/especially if this is a cover up, or addition to an existing tattoo. The more info the better!

If this is a cover-up or addition to an existing tattoo. Please take a *good, clear, straight on* picture of the tattoo you have now that you want covered/ added to and upload it.

(max file size 512 MB)

Artwork in JPG, PNG or similar formats.

(max file size 512 MB)

Artwork in JPG, PNG or similar formats.

(max file size 512 MB)
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If you have any questions please reach out through here or call/text the shop!