Chiah Downs

Just like most artists, my love and passion for art began when I was very young. It started with crayons and pencils and exploded from there. As a kid I was drawing any time I had the chance, whether it was of the living room walls, the back of a diner placemat or even the kitchen table. I think that my family realized when I was young that I was artistically inclined. They enrolled me in all types of classes including piano, singing, dance, cheer, painting classes, and I always had art supplies and crafts at home to keep me busy.

This always encouraged me to be creative and express myself. As a teenager my grandparents would drive me to the city on the weekends so I could take oil painting classes. I was painting all of the time and absolutely loved learning some fine arts. This was around the time that tattoo shows were becoming very main-stream and I watched everything I could. I would draw all over myself and beg my parents to let me get a tattoo underage. Well needless to say that did not happen, and I went behind their backs when I was 18, got my first tattoo and never looked back.

By the time I was going to college I was convinced that it was too unrealistic to make a career in art, so I decided to major in areas that were very stressful and quite honestly bland. I tried to take as many art electives as I could and always excelled in these courses. I think at that point some of my classmates were confused as to why art was not my major. This is also when my love for realism started to grow, I spent a lot of my time drawing whatever was in front of me. Shortly after starting college, I dropped out and drifted away from what made me happiest.

As life has gone on, I am realizing that this is something that I want and the only way for me to have it was to do something about it. I spent so many hours learning new techniques and skills and have completed more sketchbooks than I think I ever have before. After lots of hard work I finally have the opportunity to bring my dreams to fruition. Tattooing and Body Art has brought me back from very low points in my life and I now have the chance to have an impact in someone else?s life through my art. Although I am new to tattooing, I feel as though I have been preparing my entire life for this.

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