About Me

Just like most artists, my love and passion for art began when I was very young. It started with crayons and pencils and exploded from there. As a kid I was drawing any time I had the chance, whether it was of the living room walls, the back of a diner placemat or even the kitchen table. I think that my family realized when I was young that I was artistically inclined. They enrolled me in all types of classes including piano, singing, dance, cheer, painting classes, and I always had art supplies and crafts at home to keep me busy.

This always encouraged me to be creative and express myself. As a teenager my grandparents would drive me to the city on the weekends so I could take oil painting classes. I was painting all of the time and absolutely loved learning some fine arts. This was around the time that tattoo shows were becoming very main-stream and I watched everything I could. I would draw all over myself and beg my parents to let me get a tattoo underage. Well needless to say that did not happen, and I went behind their backs when I was 18, got my first tattoo and never looked back.

By the time I was going to college I was convinced that it was too unrealistic to make a career in art, so I decided to major in areas that were very stressful and quite honestly bland. I tried to take as many art electives as I could and always excelled in these courses. I think at that point some of my classmates were confused as to why art was not my major. This is also when my love for realism started to grow, I spent a lot of my time drawing whatever was in front of me. Shortly after starting college, I dropped out and drifted away from what made me happiest.

As life has gone on, I am realizing that this is something that I want and the only way for me to have it was to do something about it. I spent so many hours learning new techniques and skills and have completed more sketchbooks than I think I ever have before. After lots of hard work I finally have the opportunity to bring my dreams to fruition. Tattooing and Body Art has brought me back from very low points in my life and I now have the chance to have an impact in someone else’s life through my art. Although I am new to tattooing, I feel as though I have been preparing my entire life for this.

My portfolio is meant to showcase my tattooing strengths in a way that makes you understand who I am as an artist. I tattoo with integrity, respect, and love in order to provide you anything you may want and more. I can create and personalize any designs in any spot. I provide a clean and comfortable environment (see Clean and Sterile below).

Love & commitment

I am professionally licensed and certified at my craft. I have been an artist since as long I can remember (and I’m old!) You will be able to see how art is my strength from the moment we start the creative process. I love every piece of work I put into the world which is why I am committed to helping you see you fulfill your tattoo vision!

Greatness is in the details

I love what I do and you can see it in my work. I will work with you through the designing process to get you want you want to see. You will never be surprised during the tattoo because you will have an idea of what it will look like on your body before we start tattooing. I only use clean and accurate tattoo equipment to ensure the best work possible.

Happy Customers

I have the greatest clients, and they show me a lot of love back. Sometimes, there are multiple reviews of my work in a row on the shop account.

Ready to get inked?

Call me at 484-506-6192

I use single use disposable needles and tubes for every tattoo to ensure a sterile environment. Not only do I wear a mask the whole time, I also use hospital grade disinfectants before and after every tattoo.
Keeping your tattoo properly maintained is very important. I’ll give you all the guidance you need for proper tattoo aftercare.
I am a certified professional who has several years of experience in my field. You’re in capable hands that care.
I use the most modern tools to provide you with a clean, sterile, and healthy experience. The best brands for the best results..