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Tattoos for Your Special Day!

About Us

Welcome to Stay True Tattoo– where we turn wedding memories into small, meaningful pieces of art. Our team of talented tattoo artists are here to add a touch of charm to your big day.

Services Offered- All of our services can be chosen as one or any combination that fits best for your wedding!

1. Personalized Wedding Tattoos

Let’s create something special together! Our artists design personalized tattoos that reflect your love story.

2. Bridal Party Tattoos

Keep the fun alive with matching tattoos for your bridal party. It’s a unique and light-hearted way to celebrate friendship.

3. Temporary Tattoos

Not ready for the commitment? Try our temporary tattoos for a bit of wedding day flair without the lifelong ink. For the ones who don’t want to make it permanent or can’t get a tattoo due to age or health reasons, we can have custom temporary tattoos that we apply along with our actual tattoos on your wedding day!

4. Entertainment Packages

We collaborate and coordinate with entertainers such as caricature artists, magicians, or fortune tellers to provide additional entertainment for guests.

5. Customized Merchandise

We offer customized tattoo/wedding themed merchandise like T-shirts or tote bags featuring the couple’s names or wedding date. It’s a fun and practical keepsake.

6. Themed Decor

Provide themed decor that complements the tattooing experience. This could include banners, signage, and table centerpieces reflecting the wedding’s unique style.

7. Tattoo Aftercare Station

Provide a station with aftercare instructions, along with small care packages containing tattoo-friendly lotion and information on proper healing.

8. Henna Art

Introduce the beauty of henna art for those who prefer a temporary and intricate design. It’s a perfect option for guests who may not want a permanent tattoo.

9. Tattoo Station For Kids

Create a separate tattoo station for kids with temporary tattoos and kid-friendly designs. It adds a touch of fun for the little ones.

Why Choose Stay True Tattoo?

    • Friendly Artists: Our team is not just about ink; we’re about creating a friendly and enjoyable experience.
    • Easygoing Consultations: Share your ideas, and let’s make it happen in a stress-free, easygoing way.
    • Professional and Fun: We take our work seriously but believe the process should be as enjoyable as the result.

How It Works

    1. Get in Touch: Reach out, and let’s chat about your ideas and preferences.
    1. Design Time: Our artists will craft designs that match your style and wedding theme.
    1. Tattoo Session: On your wedding day, we’ll be there to add a bit of magic with our tattoo services.


Our prices depend on what services you would like to have at your wedding. Contact us for a quote tailored just for you.

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