Mike Brown

My love for all forms of art has been with me since I can remember and tattooing was no exception. So, when I was 13, I decided that making a tattoo machine from a CD player was the best option for me to chase my big dream! I learned pretty quickly that a motor and a guitar string doesn’t cut it. I always played with the idea of becoming a tattoo artist since then. When my life’s journey brought me to a fork in the road, and fulfilling that dream was a possibility, I went all in. Tattooing and everything that comes with it is truly a passion and love of mine. I have an art background in realism, script and fine line work. However, I love all styles and forms of tattooing and will absolutely take on anything! I tattoo with integrity, respect, and love in order to provide you with the tattoo you want. I can create and personalize any design for any spot on your body. Your comfort and understanding of the process is truly so important to me so please ask any and all questions you have.

Greatness is in the details

I love what I do and you can see it in my work. I will work with you through the designing process. You will never be surprised during the tattoo because you will have an idea of what it will look like on your body before we start tattooing. I only use clean and accurate tattoo equipment to ensure the cleanest and best work possible. You will be able to see how art is my strength from the moment we start the creative process. I love every piece of work I put into the world which is why I am committed to helping you fulfill your tattoo vision!

Ready to get inked?

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