Meet Kenzi, a piercing aficionado with a passion for adorning bodies with unique expressions of style. Hailing from [City/Region], she has honed her craft over 5 years, combining precision with creativity to create stunning piercings that elevate her clients’ individuality.

Trained under the best, [Name] brings a keen eye for detail and a gentle touch to every session. Her studio isn’t just a place for piercings; it’s a sanctuary where clients feel empowered to explore their aesthetic desires.

Beyond the needles and jewelry, Kenzi is a listener, understanding her clients’ visions and guiding them with expert advice. Whether it’s a delicate ear constellation or a bold septum piercing, she ensures each adornment reflects her client’s personality and preferences.

When she’s not crafting artful piercings, Kenzi can be found immersing herself in the latest trends, constantly seeking inspiration to push her artistry further.

Step into Stay True Tattoo and let her transform your vision into a beautifully pierced reality, one elegant adornment at a time.

Ready to get inked?

Call me at 484-506-6192